The GT Challenge in the Ultimate Cup Series has several sub-categories: UGT3, UGTX and UGTC.

UGT3: These are GT3 cars with the possible inclusion of the Renault RS01 ( in GT specification) and the Solution F FOENIX (also in GT specification).

UGTX: This class is designated for GT cars admitted by the promoter. The performance capabilities of the UGTX cars will be inferior to that of UGT3 cars.

UGTC: This class is for GT cars that raced in one make series or in Challenges within their respective regulations. The technical regulations for these two categories are as used in their respective series, in the applicable period to the car entered.

Ultimate Ginetta Cup (UGC)

Open to all G55 variants the UGC will compete in the UGTX class of the GT Ultimate Cup Series, giving Ginetta G55 customers the chance to challenge for overall and class honors.

The UGC focuses on endurance racing, offering lots of testing and long races, giving good value back to the teams and drivers. A typical Race weekend format will involve a free practice, qualifying and a 4-hour race. In total at each event you will receive between 7h30 and 8h30 of drive time, split between 2 – 3 drivers.

Ginetta Cars will distribute credit note (tax included) on APR to the Ginetta teams podium (minimum 5 entrants) 1st €800 – 2nd €500 – 3rd €300.


Cylinder : Min 1800
Power : Min 355hp
Weight : Min 1170kg