Presentation Mitjet

It is with the Ultimate Cup Series by Michelin that the Mitjet Series France Sprint and Endurance will crisscross the French and European circuits next season. The first category 2L is for beginners, drivers who want to learn with a controlled budget, while Supertourism is the logical step after the 2L, to really take a race car in hand and feel unequaled sensations for most of the racing cars that are on the market today in this budget. The two categories can be made to two drivers in Sprint and at least 2 pilots in Endurance. The integration of the Sprint and Endurance races on the Ultimate Cup Series meetings will create a real Mitjet Series community, with more than 40 cars in a village of irreducible Mitjet and in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Calendar *
April 26th-28th: ​​Dijon (Sprint and Endurance)
June 28-30: Mugello (Sprint and Endurance)
September 7-8: Nogaro (Sprint)
October 11-13: Albi (Sprint)
October 18-20: Magny-Cours (Sprint and Endurance)
November 1-3: Paul Ricard (Sprint and Endurance)

* some dates may be subject to change

Mitjet 2L

Engine : 2L 16S
Power : 230 HP
Weight : 750kg
Autonomy : 37 Liters

Mitjet Supertourisme

Engine : 3.5L Atmospheric
Power : 330 HP
Weight : 850kg
Autonomy : 75 Liters