In 2021, Peugeot Sport joins the Ultimate Cup Series. Through this alliance, Peugeot wishes to give a new area to the Peugeot Sport Meetings formula, while preserving the DNA which has made its reputation over the last 4 decades.

Every year since their creation, the Peugeot Sport Meetings attract a well-supplied squad in quantity as well as in quality, with drivers coming from different horizons (from the long-toothed young wolf to the lambda competitor eager to have fun) because of the financial investment/driving time ratio considered as one of the best possible in France.

The “PSM” allows to attend sprint races like the “208 Racing Cup” or endurance races with the “208 Relay” on the famous Peugeot 208, a car that is easy to maintain, inexpensive to run and with an excellent road behaviour, which can always be optimised thanks to numerous possible adjustments. In any case, this car will always be at the heart of the most frantic competitions.

In the “208 Relay”, the drivers take part in 4-hour endurance races, while the “208 Racing Cup” will offer 4 races per meeting. Enough to offer todrivers in each category the time to fully appreciate the unique sensations felt at the wheel of the famous lion-marked car.

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