CN Presentation

By their performances and their cost, the CN prototypes of the European Endurance Challenge Proto CN, with atmospheric engines or turbos, constitute a true school, which trains some pilots among the most famous in endurance.

The following cars are accepted in this category :

  • Sports cars (CN Group) conforming to FIA Appendix J Article 259-2020
  • Any car of equivalent level to that of the CN, or likely to be, on file with the promoter.

Competitors whose car is not 100% in conformity with Appendix J (cf. regulations) – FIA Article 259 must draw up, or have drawn up by the car manufacturer, a homologation book listing ALL the elements not in conformity with the appendix in question (chassis, aero, engine, etc) and for which they would like to obtain an exemption. The latter will be submitted to the Technical Steward and the organiser for validation. For the rest, the cars will have to comply with the FIA CN regulations, except for the items listed in the series regulations, its appendices, its additives or in the performance scale.

Carbon fibre bodywork is permitted


The Evo Challenge Trophy is a monotype category specific to the Ultimate Cup Series. Cars must remain in conformity with their original definition and any technical additives under penalty of disqualification. These cars will use a 2 liter supercharged engine. The performance of this car will be adjusted so as not to be superior to that of cars entered in the CN category.

Characteristics CN

Engine : Honda K20A 2 litres / Peugeot 1,6 litre
Power : 255 hp

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