Greg Segers 18 ans , Licence ICCC

Palmarès: « depuis mars 2017 »   Vice Champion VdeV monoplace 2018 (Formule Renault 2.0)   Voiture :  9.    1ère   place (Caterham, Formule Renault 2.0) 10.  2ème place (Caterham, Formule Renault 2.0, Renault RS 01)  1.    3ème place (Formule Renault 2.0) Pilote : Monoplace, GT, Proto Endurance CN   Contact : +33 (0) 612.955.551

Steering wheel to be provided on the new Ligier JSP4 of the TFT Team

Ideal car to get used to the sport prototype endurance, the step before the LMP3. Easy car, ABS, TC, V6 330 HP, 900Kg, not clutch, Complete LMP3 chassis, LMP3 endurance brake, heated windscreen……… Car managed by professional and experienced team CN, LMP3 prototype…….. First race Dijon France For more information and an individual proposal, please…