Ultimate Trackdays


See you on Thursday, September 7 on the Portuguese track!

Trackdays are open to everyone, whether you are a team involved in the championship or not. The aim is to allow as many European teams as possible to ride on the exceptional tracks chosen by the Ultimate Cup Series organisation. All driving sessions are timed, so drivers can follow their performances and compare them to the European elite. During Ultimate Trackday, it is possible to take a passenger for both coaching and PR operation.

Trackdays consist of 4 sessions on each of the following platforms:

GT Berline – 40 minute sessions
Single-seaters – 20-minute sessions
Prototypes – 40 minute sessions




GT Sedans and Prototypes: 750€ HT (625€ for Ultimate customers registered for the season).

Single-seaters: 550€ HT (458€ for Ultimate customers registered for the season).


    Jeudi 7/09 - EstorilJeudi 26/10 - Magny-CoursJeudi 23/11 - Paul Ricard