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Come and drive your vehicle on the mythical Nogaro circuit. A very interesting panel will be proposed to you mixing speed, technique, fast turns, pins, big braking. Alone or with several drivers, discover the sensations of driving on this magnificent circuit during convivial driving days organized by Ultimate Cup Series.

With two beautiful straights, powerful cars can express themselves at full throttle. The straight line, measuring almost 1km, allows the cars to reach high speeds before tackling heavy braking to enter the Epingle de l’Ecole. It is also a zone conducive to overtaking (suction, braking). Another crucial point of the circuit is the Escargot de Caupenne. This sinuous part follows a long right-hand bend which closes and is followed by a hairpin on the left. Although overtaking is complicated, this section is very important in terms of time as it conditions the entry to the straight.