2019 September 27 – 29th


For its fifth round, the Ultimate Cup Series will make a stop in Spain on the Valencia circuit Ricardo Tormo.

At a length of 5,419 meters, this circuit is characterized by its smooth surface and its fast profile. High speed sections are however broken by many slow and medium turns. The “on-off” side and the short accelerations impose a high percentage of full charge. All these features make this circuit one of the most legendary in Europe.

Located about 30km from the Spanish Mediterranean coast and just 500km from the French border, the circuit is one of the most essential. Its technical layout in the midst of a frame to dream makes it host every year major competitions, such as the Moto GP, the championship of my FIA WTCC …


Length : 4.005km
Turns : 14
Straight line : 876 m

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T. +34 962 52 52 20

GPS : 39°29’09” N / 0°37’47” O

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